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youlooklike // writing & graphics
1st-Mar-2011 11:01 pm - 36 icons
『stock』dancing piano
[03] 4minute
[03] Kara
[08] Miss A
[04] SNSD
[04] T-Ara
[02] After School
[02] Navi
[04] SM Town
[02] Misc.
[02] Kim Soohyun
[01] Hyunbin
[01] Shin Minah

do it do it chu~Collapse )
11th-Feb-2011 12:36 am - 20 icons
『stock』dancing piano
[12] Dream High (Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, Soohyun, Eunjung, Joo)
[03] Secret
[05] SNSD

i dream high 난 꿈을 꾸죠Collapse )
『MISFITS』 simon.alicia☆hold me closer
Title: One for Sorrow, Two for Joy
Rating: PG
Summary: (Original.) A girl searches for a balance between both sides of her identity.

Note: My final for a class this semester. Phew! Started 12/17, Ended 12/18.

My mother always told me that a magpie meant that a visitor was coming in the near future. She died when I was six, about ten years ago.Collapse )

Also, icon requests are still open here!
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